Four minutes is all it takes…

At the end of my last post about online dating, I declared myself Aff It.

It’s all well and good, being able to browse someone’s profile at your leisure; learn about their interests; what makes them tick; whether they can spell and correctly place apostrophes; if they can make you laugh in an email. And do all this sober, so you remember it – if at any point, you do accidentally have a few gins, it’s all there on-screen to refer back to. Continue reading “Four minutes is all it takes…”

Just call me angel of the morning.

So, hopefully you’ve read my previous posts. You might feel like you’ve accompanied me on some of the rollercoaster ride that this year has been. If I’ve struck the right tone, you’ll have realised that I may have a mild flair for the dramatic/tendency to exaggerate, particularly the negative, but that I’m in a Really Good Place now. (If I’m wrong, and you haven’t realised that, I promise I don’t need sectioned.) Continue reading “Just call me angel of the morning.”

Further dos and don’ts of dating.

In 2012, I’ve gone on dates with ten men – nice, round number eh? – with varying degrees of success.

And I’ve learned some valuable lessons about what not to say (or do) on such occasions. Here, I will attempt to share some of that wisdom. Continue reading “Further dos and don’ts of dating.”

What’s my age again?

So, I thought I was having an early mid-life crisis. (You’re reading this blog, so you should be aware of that. Otherwise, you’ve missed a fairly big point.) I’d come to terms with it; I was practically embracing it.

Yesterday an altogether more worrying possibility presented itself.

What if I’m not having an early mid-life crisis? What if, in actual fact, I am prematurely middle-aged? Continue reading “What’s my age again?”