The art of being cool.

Disclaimer: no saxophone players were harmed in the writing of this post.

Since I’ve started writing this blog, no less than two people have told me they’re taking my dating advice. I cannot advise against this strongly enough.

I struggle to compose a text message without consulting at least three separate sources (to them, all of them, I apologise. And say “I owe you one”). Continue reading “The art of being cool.”

13 things for 2013.

Happy new year! Woo! And ouch. Etc.

In the spirit of self-improvement, expanding horizons and generating blog material for the next year, I’ve decided to make a list.

As the title may suggest, that list is ’13 things for 2013′. I was going to do ’30 things before I turn 30′, but I figured this would take less time. And I’ve yet to come to terms with the concept of turning 30. Continue reading “13 things for 2013.”