I may have accidentally slept through today’s weigh-in.

I did honestly have every intention of going in, as it was the last one of our six-week Scottish Slimmers course. But I went to Edinburgh last night and drank a fair bit of wine and gin – very therapeutic, you understand, and therefore both totally justified and essential – and, well, there was just no chance of me getting out of bed before 12 today. If I’m dressed before 6, it will be considered a small miracle. Continue reading “Oops!”

Progress, of a sort.

In my ‘Skinny Love’ post, I promised/threatened to keep you updated of my weekly progress on Scottish Slimmers.

I then promptly missed the next two weigh-ins.

The first week, I was at the High Court – reporting, not on trial or anything. The second week, I was in Belfast, eating and drinking approximately a gazillion times my daily calorie (or ‘check’) allowance. Continue reading “Progress, of a sort.”