Slowly, slowly…

Jesus, this weight loss thing takes AGES.

The one other time I’ve successfully lost a significant amount, I was 20 and lost a stone and a half in the eight weeks we had off uni for summer.

Was it eight weeks? I can’t remember. Anyway, it wasn’t long.

Why must it be so much harder now?! Continue reading “Slowly, slowly…”

Motivation…where art thou?

After last week’s “what time to weigh?” debacle, I decided the best time is first thing in the morning.

Because that’s when all my ‘slimming friends’ do it.

First thing in the morning, for me, is 4.30am.

(Apparently you should also do it after a poo, but I won’t disgust you with any such details. Actually, that make it sounds like I did. So I will disgust you with such details: I don’t need to poo that early. Sorry.) Continue reading “Motivation…where art thou?”

My mum is cooler than yours.*

We don’t ‘do’ mother’s day, as such.

I mean, when we were little, my sister and I would make cards, sometimes breakfast in bed, sometimes a cake (that was swiftly discouraged, until I was actually banned from baking).

But our mum would always tell us not to buy cards or gifts – I don’t know if it’s just because she realised very early on how horrendous I’d be with money; or because she thinks it’s commercialised nonsense. I prefer to lean towards the latter, as it makes me feel a lot better about myself. Continue reading “My mum is cooler than yours.*”