In the summertime, when the weather is fine.

Every year, around the end of May/beginning of June, I vow I’m leaving the country.

This annual decision coincides directly with there being a couple of days’ beautiful weather – then back to freezing, dreary, oh-so-depressing rain.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Scottish summer.

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P.S. to my last post.

Following my last post about T in the Park, I’ve uploaded some interviews – so if anyone wants to hear me talk rubbish in the flesh (well, not really in the flesh… in you ear?), here you go!

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I’m blue (da-ba-dee…sorry).

I’m on a serious post-weekend comedown.

Not the sort of comedown most people who were at T in the Park are experiencing, I imagine.

(Seriously. There were some Absolute States. A sober festival is a very strange thing. Ok, I was only technically sober one day out of three – my turn to drive – but I was still working. In the loosest sense of the word. And therefore behaving, sadly not in the loosest sense of the word.)

Anyway, I’ve got a major case of back-to-work blues.

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Recipe: the perfect Friday evening.

Serving suggestion: best enjoyed at the end of (what’s felt like) a long week, when you’re suffering quite unattractively from an unseasonal cold (it’s JULY, for flip’s sake) and are trying to conserve energy (and funds) for an epic drinking session the following day.

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