Life is not a chick flick.

Like most girls – or at least, like most proper girls, I love a chick flick.

My top five films of all time are, in no particular order: When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, Dirty Dancing, Clueless and Love Actually.

They’re like comfort blankets: they’re always there for me. I’ve watched them a million times, I know the lines off by heart, they just never get old.

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Fringe benefits II: the other sort of Fringe.

August means one thing in Scotland.

Well, ok, it can mean lots of things. My sister’s birthday, my half birthday (which IS a valid celebration), kids go back to school, the weather is rubbish. Etc etc.

But it MAINLY means the Edinburgh International Festival, and my favourite part, the Fringe.


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I heart Scotland.

I like to think of myself as fairly patriotic.

Not in a we-should-be-independent way: God, no.

But if a wedding doesn’t end in a foot-stamping, hand-clapping, surge-of-people-nearly-sweeping-the-newlyweds-off-their-feet rendition of Loch Lomond; it should carry the same grounds for annulment as not consummating the marriage.

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Meet the parents.

Every relationship has milestones. They don’t necessarily happen in the same order, each time/for everyone; but unless something goes tits up, eventually they will happen.

There’s the First Date.

As previously mentioned – and by that, I mean he won’t let me forget it – Number Three was my Best First Date. It lasted about ten hours, and at some point included…

The First Kiss.

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