Burger Meats (GF) Bun

I heard about Burger Meats Bun before it opened, thanks to my burger-mad pal House of Herby.

I wasn’t quite as quick off the mark as her, but when I did make it in, it was love at first bite (sorry… I hate myself a little bit for writing that). Number Three and I were actually embarrassed at how enthusiastically we raved to the staff – although they didn’t seem to mind.

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So, what do you do when you can’t drink beer any more?

Go to a beer festival, of course!

Having somehow managed to completely miss the legendary Paisley Beer Festival last month, I wasn’t about to make the same mistake when I heard Oktoberfest was coming to Glasgow.

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Last week, I was invited to a preview evening for wagamama’s autumn/winter 2013 menu.

Now, when I think wagamama, I think noodles. And when I think noodles, I think gluten. So I thought it would be a perfect guinea pig for the Gluten-Free Wonderland. Would I feel left out, or would I leave feeling full and fulfilled?

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