Red Onion

Other restaurants, take note: THIS is how to cater for gluten-free diners.

My first visit to Red Onion was actually in a work capacity. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ate there while Brad was filming World War Z in Glasgow, so I was despatched to find out what they ate (fish and chips), what they were like (very pleasant) and how they smelled (not really).

I ate there a few times after that, and was always pretty impressed by the good food and friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

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Di Maggio’s

I’m going to be honest here – I’m a little disappointed by Di Maggio’s gluten-free offering.

I mean, I LOVE Di Maggio’s. Who doesn’t? Anyone? Exactly.

I’m really quite upset that I no longer live within delivery distance of any of their restaurants.

But I digress.

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Drunk selfies are not ok.

As if it’s not soul-destroying enough checking your dialled numbers/sent messages after a night out (apologies to the person I called six times last night – you know who you are. And most other people can probably guess), there’s now a new shameometer in town.

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