I’m a self-confessed cheese fiend with a particular soft spot for halloumi (who am I kidding? I have a particular soft spot for ALL CHEESE) so when I heard about a new restaurant with the same name, I was dying to go.

Halloumi is a Greek-Cypriot mezze restaurant; so not only is it cuisine I love, I get to eat several plates of it.

And I do *actually* get to eat several plates of it, as the gluten-free offering is pretty decent.


Let’s just get the negatives out of the way first: what I couldn’t have.

After a summer spent in Greece, BC (before coeliac) living almost entirely on gyros, I’d have dearly loved to try Halloumi’s version. My friend had moussaka, which I adore, and my boyfriend had feta tempura which I CAN’T EVEN.

But let’s not dwell, because what I did have was pretty damn good.


You can’t go wrong with a Greek salad. It’s simple; it’s fresh; it has cheese.


These are the three dishes I actually ordered; the rest I nicked bits of. Lamb dolmades are a Greek classic and these were perfect – well stuffed and well tasty. Obviously, I had to order the eponymous halloumi – in its simplest, grilled form. No complaints here. But my favourite was the octopus at the top. Grilled in smoked paprika and served on a generous dollop of houmous, it was perfect.


Honourable mention also goes to the lamb souvlaki and grilled halloumi and pomegranate salad – both simple, tasty and in the case of the lamb, perfectly cooked.


There was only really one gluten-free dessert option; since Greek yoghurt and fruit is NOT A DESSERT. This was rice pudding flavoured with cinnamon and orange and it was completely delicious. My boyfriend even said it was better than his baklava – I don’t know if he was just being kind but I might believe him.


I wholeheartedly recommend Halloumi for gluten-free dining. There’s plenty of choice, it’s reasonably priced and looks great – it’s modern yet cosy with a great atmosphere. And on Glasgow’s Hope Street it’s handy for either heading home (why would you do that? Why?!) or staying out for the night (go on, you  know you want to).


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