It may be old news on the blogging circuit – by which I mean, photos of the sumptuous brunches, hearty lunches and to-die-for cake table have been making mouths water for almost a year now – but for the gluten-free foodie, Singl-end is GLO-RI-OUS.

Two words. BREAD and CAKE.

Multiple, gluten-free varieties of each.

We’re not talking Genius sliced white loaf, oh no. Focaccia; banana and pecan; nut and olive loaf; sweet potato and almond bread (my personal favourite; it’s unreal). All also available to take buy in loaf form to take home.

And the cakes – aaaah, the cakes.


I’d estimate that on any given day, at least 50% of the cake table is gluten-free. To date, I heartily recommend the peanut butter and jelly cakes; sour cherry and chocolate cupcakes; carrot cake; chocolate and orange ‘Jaffa cakes’; and caramel shortcake. I’ll do my very best to add to this list soon.

(I should also add, although I have no time for veganism myself, a lot of the cakes, breads and meals are also suitable for crazy people. I mean, vegans.)

So, here’s how I recommend you do it at Singl-end:


Sit in for brunch. Pictured here are the Singl-End Eggs Benedict (poached egg on slices of roast sweet potato with spinach and red onion topped with cashew and tarragon hollandaise sauce) with sweet potato and almond bread; and Spicy Baked Eggs (in a casserole of homemade pork and fennel sausage, cannellini beans, tomato and chilli) with olive and nut loaf. These are both incredible; I alternate between them on each visit.


Here are the baked eggs again – there’s a definite theme here – this time with gluten-free focaccia (my recommended accompaniment) and a hot smoked salmon and egg open sandwich with home-made soup.

Then – and trust me, you will be stuffed – you take your cakes home for later.


You’ll be SO glad you did.


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