14 times 2014 was awrite, really.

I was pretty ready for 2014 to be over.

I was planning to cheerfully slam the door on it, bid it a hearty “fuck you” and never speak of it again.

But my new year’s resolution this year is to be more positive. I know people who’ve dealt with far, far worse in the past year; so perhaps a little perspective is called for. Maybe that resolution ought to be backdated. Continue reading “14 times 2014 was awrite, really.”

The taming of the ‘fro.

Anyone who’s read most of my blog posts, knows me In Real Life or has passed me on the street on a wet or humid day knows I’m folically challenged.

My hair is neither curly, wavy nor straight – it’s big, bendy and very, very frizzy.

(If you’re completely new to me and my blog, my school nicknames ranged from the fairly unimaginative Frizzy Lizzy, to the very visual Broccoli Head – it was that actual shape – and the frankly applaudable Fuzz Lightyear.) Continue reading “The taming of the ‘fro.”

Why the Games must end.

In just a few hours, the Commonwealth Games will be over.

Seven years in the making, Glasgow 2014 has flown past in just eleven days.

I haven’t slept much, I haven’t done much apart from work and watch sport (sometimes that was work, sometimes I just pretended it was work) – but I’ve been so incredibly proud to be a part of this event. So incredibly proud of my city, and my country. Continue reading “Why the Games must end.”