Recent discoveries

As soon as you’re forced to cut things from your diet – things you REALLY like – there is nothing more exciting than finding versions of those things you CAN have. Especially if they’re actually pretty good. Continue reading “Recent discoveries”

Red Onion

Other restaurants, take note: THIS is how to cater for gluten-free diners.

My first visit to Red Onion was actually in a work capacity. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ate there while Brad was filming World War Z in Glasgow, so I was despatched to find out what they ate (fish and chips), what they were like (very pleasant) and how they smelled (not really).

I ate there a few times after that, and was always pretty impressed by the good food and friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

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Kick a girl while she’s down.

Incidentally, I’m posting this from my phone, which always tries to autocorrect ‘kick’ to ‘fuck’.

Also awkward when you try to inform a potential suitor, via text message, that you need a ‘kick up the arse’.

Did I actually just say “potential suitor”? You know what I mean. Someone I was attempting to get in about, ages ago. It’s hardly relevant. Jeez, just let it go, ok?

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So – having been gluten-free (ish) for two weeks, and having nothing else of much interest to write about, I thought I’d jot down some observations.

Oh – but before I start, I also need to make an apology. To any producers of baked goods – particularly Warburtons and McVities – who are wondering why their profits have plummeted in a fortnight, I am truly sorry.

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Halfway house/InstaJune.



How is it ACTUALLY halfway through the year?

I thought that, in honour of this grand milestone, I should do another update on my progress in my ’13 Things’ list.

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