It may be old news on the blogging circuit – by which I mean, photos of the sumptuous brunches, hearty lunches and to-die-for cake table have been making mouths water for almost a year now – but for the gluten-free foodie, Singl-end is GLO-RI-OUS. Continue reading “Singl-end”

Recent discoveries

As soon as you’re forced to cut things from your diet – things you REALLY like – there is nothing more exciting than finding versions of those things you CAN have. Especially if they’re actually pretty good. Continue reading “Recent discoveries”


I’d been to Bibi’s Cantina once, BC, for lunch. It was delicious but as it’s tucked away along the Partick end of Dumbarton Road, I hadn’t quite gotten round to going back – until my folks relocated to the west end. Continue reading “Bibi’s”

Red Onion

Other restaurants, take note: THIS is how to cater for gluten-free diners.

My first visit to Red Onion was actually in a work capacity. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ate there while Brad was filming World War Z in Glasgow, so I was despatched to find out what they ate (fish and chips), what they were like (very pleasant) and how they smelled (not really).

I ate there a few times after that, and was always pretty impressed by the good food and friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

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